Hey there!

I'm Mida!

    I'm Mida - short for Almida, and my alias for all things sexy! I live in the suburbs of Seattle, up north in Snohomish county but find myself in the city almost everyday! I graduated from Seattle U in 2016 with a degree in nursing - so you know I'm not shy and have seen all sorts of bits and butts! All bodies are accepted and loved here - body positivity is a must!


   When I'm not shooting couples in love or babes in some bomb lingerie, you can find me in scrubs working as a nurse at a trauma center downtown. You can also catch me on the other side of the lens because I think it is so important to feel comfortable with your body - and boudoir does just that! My husband and I have been together for almost 8 sweet years and are high school sweethearts, and recently married in June of 2020! 


   I love food - which makes it really hard to eat healthy when I can't resist the sweet sweet smell of a Taco Bell Chalupa! Known for my horrible (but punny) jokes and twerking upside down when the mood strikes. I enjoy shooting boudoir both indoors and out in nature, so wherever you feel comfortable - I am down for it! I've been blessed to work with some seriously amazing babes over the years, including a variety of Playboy models and Suicide Girls!


   You can catch me listening to a variety of music while editing - be it mellow indie to rap to hip hop, I am down to get down and make you feel completely at ease! I love comedy - anything from comedians like Ali Wong to horribly funny TV shows like Workaholics, I am always laughing! If you have a really good joke, be prepared. My laugh is obnoxious, contagious and L O U D!


   Think we'll get along and you're ready to pop some champagne and get sexy? Hit that button below and lets talk the deets and maybe grab some coffee, tea, boba, or drinks!

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